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Welcome to the Altafiumara Resort & Spa blog.

Just over 15 km from Reggio Calabria, Nestled amidst the greenery on the Calabrian side of the Strait of Messina, Altafiumara Resort & Spa rises sheer above the crystal-clear waters of the Costa Viola, where the sea and sky take on purplish hues at sunset and the dark silhouettes of the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna stand out against the horizon.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to!

This new portal marks a new starting pointfor what is one of the most beautiful and evocative places in Reggio Calabria.

Altafiumara Resort is now an institution for thousands of Regginians and tourists who have stayed at our prestigious resort over the years.

2022 will be a year of rebirth and renewal for us, and we want to share this with all of you.

altafiumara resort and spa

What is Altafiumara Resort & Spa?

The first experiential resort on the Costa Viola.

A unique and incomparable place of clear waters, exclusive coves, high-class hotels, gourmet restaurant, wellness centre and unique experiences.

Alone or with friends, immerse yourself in a dimension of absolute relaxation, surrender yourself to listening to your body and reconciling with yourself.

The unique atmosphere that only Altafiumara can provide is the perfect setting to switch off.

Whether it is a last-minute weekend or a holiday planned well in advance, our selection of offers will satisfy all your desires: romantic, eno-gastronomic, wellness, sporting stays.

But that’s not all, because our location also lends itself ably to the organisation of exclusive events.

Altafiumara’s impeccable and professionalorganising team will enhance the excellence of each event with an exceptional service that stems from a harmonious fusion of organisation, imaginative choreography in the settings and high-quality cuisine, which favours first-rate ingredients and is constantly searching for original solutions.

What will you find at Altafiumara?

At Altafiumara Resort & Spa you will find all kinds of solutions for your stay.

The Castle, a carefully restored late 18th century Bourbon fortress, where works of art blend harmoniously with nature and its magical surroundings.

The Sporting, a new luxury address in the beauty of the Costa Viola, the beating heart of the resort, an exclusive space to enjoy an experiential stay.

The islands, elegant rooms in Mediterranean style, are set in a large garden with the‘Water Lily Pond’, a romantic stretch of water shaded by tall palm trees.

Events and weddings

Troverete anche opzioni gourmet per il pranzo, la cena o l’happy hour.

The high culinary level is guaranteed by the mastery of chef Antonio Battaglia, chef also of the renowned Villa Chiringuito.

We have also thought of yourwell-being with the services offered by our Essentia Spa, a facility entirely surrounded by nature.

Altafiumara’s Blog

We welcome you back to our blogwith the wish that all the passion we put into our work every day may be passed on to you, because the beauty and uniqueness of Altafiumara Resort & Spacannot shine without the contribution, which has always been there, of our guests.

This blog is a way of being even closer to you, telling you everything that is part of our world.

Teniamo a ringraziare, per la costruzione del sito e la gestione del blog, Mirko Delfino e Pietro Gangemi, co-founder di BYB Agency.

Again, welcome to our brand new BLOG!

See you soon!

Where is Altafiumara Resort & Spa?

Altafiumara is located about 15 km from the centre of Reggio Calabria, on the violet coast, immersed in one of the most evocative places in Calabria, where the sea, nature and our structure coexist in symbiosis, creating a unique atmosphere.

What can be found at Altafiumara?

Altafiumara is the ideal place for a holiday, a weekend getaway or even just an escape from stress for a few hours. Exclusive residences, a wellness centre, restaurants and unspoilt nature make up this one of the most famous and popular resorts in Calabria.

What are the strengths of Altafiumara Resort?

Undoubtedly, in addition to the various locations and impeccable service, Altafiumara’s strong points are its geographical location, the refinement of its ambience and culinary offerings, and the absolute exclusivity of the offers made to its guests.

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Altafiumara Resort & Spa: Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the Altafiumara Resort & Spa blog. Just over 15 km from Reggio Calabria, Nestled amidst the greenery on the Calabrian side of the Strait of Messina, Altafiumara Resort & Spa rises sheer above the crystal-clear waters of the


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