Best Resorts in Calabria: With Altafiumara you are on the safe side

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If you have decided to spend your holiday in Calabria but still have no idea where to stay and what type of holiday to have, you can evaluate our proposal and choose one of the Best Resorts in Calabria.

As you already know, when planning a holiday you have various alternatives to choose from for your stay.

You can choose between a B&B, a holiday home, a hotel or other facilities but certainly staying in a resort seems to be the most attractive idea and capable of making your holiday unforgettable.

Staying in one of the best resorts in Calabria like Altafiumara really offers you many advantages.

If you are not yet familiar with Altafiumara and are not sure if it is the right place for you, read on and you will discover that it can certainly give you a wonderful stay.

Best resorts in Calabria: Altafiumara is the right place for you!

When you arrive at the gates of Altafiumara, you are immediately captivated by the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the whole of Calabria and begin to revive.

In an instant, you forget your work, your problems, your everyday commitments and you leave everything behind, taking in the enchanting environment and atmosphere that surrounds the resort.

Choosing Altafiumara will allow you to experience a holiday full of moments of well-being, elegance and fun.

Already from the beautiful and elegant rooms and suites you will be able to enjoy your first moments of relaxation in the utmost comfort.

best resorts in calabria

Altafiumara thinks of your well-being

You can’t talk about a resort or a holiday without thinking about wellbeing!

This is why Altafiumara tries to make the most of your stay by offering you spaces dedicated to your relaxation.

You can treat yourself to special treatments at our Essentia Spa and immerse yourself whenever you wish in the pool with its deep blue water.

A great way to regenerate, regain your energy and a perfect choice also to entertain your children safely.

Food is one of Altafiumara’s points of excellence

We strongly believe that eating well is an important part of any holiday experience.

Precisely for this reason we offer high quality cuisine capable of conquering any palatewhile also offering the opportunity to try something new and refined through the wide choice of menus.

In fact, at our hotel you can enjoy excellent dishes ranging from the elegant flavours of the Chiringuito restaurant to the more classic ones of the Essentia Bistrotrestaurant.

Altafiumara to celebrate your events

altafiumara resort

With the historic Castle at the heart of the resort,Altafiumara is much more than a holiday resort!

The elegant castle is the place ready to welcome you to its magical surroundings, break away from the routine and relax, with elegant rooms where you can celebrate events such as the best day of your life.

You can organise your wedding in our venue.

With great passion, care and experience we will give a personal touch to every detail to give you a dream wedding.

Altafiumara: One of the best resorts in Calabria

Altafiumara is considered one of the best resorts in Calabria for its extensive possibilities in terms of entertainment, wellness, and luxury.

But it is mainly the elegance, the fine cuisine, and the magical atmosphere that surrounds it that makes it appreciated by our guests, a perfect place to enjoy exclusive experiences.

Are you ready to experience Altafiumara Resort & Spa?

Come and visit us, we are waiting for you!

Where is Altafiumara Resort located?

Altafiumara Resort is located in Santa Trada di Cannitello – 89018 – Villa San Giovanni (RC).

Which is the best Resort in Calabria?

The best resort in Calabria is Altafiumara Resort, in Reggio Calabria, overlooking the Strait of Messina.

Is there a Spa at Altafiumara Resort?

Yes, at the Altafiumara Resort you can also benefit from the Essentia Spa wellness centre.

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